Sexual Harassment at Work

What should you do if you experience sexual harassment at work?

Guest Blogger – Jamie Costello In a work environment, you should feel supported and confident to be able to complete your work and excel with your career ambitions. Unfortunately, there can be instances in the workplace where unpleasant behaviour such as sexual harassment can take place. If you happen to […]

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Sexual Harassment in the workplace

How Businesses should handle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Guest Blogger – Jamie Costello We spend an average of around 35 working hours in the workplace and to think that we could spend them hours terrified of being sexually harassed is worrying. It can be physically and mentally detrimental to one that experiences sexual harassment and financially it can […]

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A Career Coach

How a career coach can help you Rise and Shine

I have spent the past few years helping women be the best version of themselves. I share the occasional success story but to be honest I could share one daily.  The result of effective career coaching is a new job, promotion or increase in confidence.  This recognizable success and the […]

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Job interview confidence, interview coaching, interview confidence, competency based interviews - woman being interviewed

Job Interview Confidence – 7 Ways to stay in Control

Falling to pieces in a job interview is something that I have experienced and witnessed from the other side of the table.  And whichever side you are on it really isn’t pleasant.  There is nothing more devastating than knowing you are good enough for the job but leaving the room […]

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5 Ways to increase your visibility in the workplace

5 Ways to Increase your Visibility in the Workplace

Invisibility as a super power might seem fun for a while.  But it would certainly grow tiresome if it was permanent.  Many people feel that this is exactly what is happening to them.  A cloak of invisibility that you didn’t ask for being draped over your shoulders every time you […]

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Check out the Generation Women Blog - 3 Positive Impacts of #Returnships.

What are you afraid of? When you think about that step you really want to take but fear stops you, what are you really afraid of? It’s probably not that big a deal when you look at it in the light of day. Identify the first 3 steps you need to take to make it happen...

Know someone on a career break looking to return to work? Share this great new group full of support and tips
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Check out the Generation Women Blog - New to Personal Brandng? Here's what you need to know...

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