5 Ways to increase your visibility in the workplace

5 Ways to Increase your Visibility in the Workplace

Invisibility as a super power might seem fun for a while.  But it would certainly grow tiresome if it was permanent.  Many people feel that this is exactly what is happening to them.  A cloak of invisibility that you didn’t ask for being draped over your shoulders every time you […]

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Gen Women Eyes Imposter Syndrome

10 ways to Manage Imposter Syndrome

“I still have a little [bit of] imposter syndrome, it never goes away, that you’re actually listening to me.  It doesn’t go away, that feeling that you shouldn’t take me that seriously.” Michelle Obama I am pretty sure many people were shocked to hear Michelle Obama say that she still […]

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Career Change

Creating your Vision for a Great 2019

Are you happy with where you are in your career? The average person works 92,120 hours over their lifetime.  That’s a lot of hours to spend unhappy isn’t it?!  Even if it’s only 1 year where you’re not loving work, it’s almost 1,800 hours.  What if you could take control […]

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What puts you in a good mood? For me some quality time with my daughters puts a smile on my face, and i find its worth making sure i get to spend as much time with them as possible #priorites


"Live your life for yourself, not for others. Trying to impress others will waste you a lot of time, effort and nerve and even give others power over you.......Focus on yourself and you’ll feel wonderful!"


Interesting that 29% of men also are uncomfortable with the gender inbalance in IT.