A Career Coach

How a career coach can help you Rise and Shine

I have spent the past few years helping women be the best version of themselves. I share the occasional success story but to be honest I could share one daily.  The result of effective career coaching is a new job, promotion or increase in confidence.  This recognizable success and the […]

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Job Interview Confidence – 7 Ways to stay in Control

Falling to pieces in a job interview is something that I have experienced and witnessed from the other side of the table.  And whichever side you are on it really isn’t pleasant.  There is nothing more devastating than knowing you are good enough for the job but leaving the room […]

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5 Ways to increase your visibility in the workplace

5 Ways to Increase your Visibility in the Workplace

Invisibility as a super power might seem fun for a while.  But it would certainly grow tiresome if it was permanent.  Many people feel that this is exactly what is happening to them.  A cloak of invisibility that you didn’t ask for being draped over your shoulders every time you […]

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Gen Women Eyes Imposter Syndrome

10 ways to Manage Imposter Syndrome

“I still have a little [bit of] imposter syndrome, it never goes away, that you’re actually listening to me.  It doesn’t go away, that feeling that you shouldn’t take me that seriously.” Michelle Obama I am pretty sure many people were shocked to hear Michelle Obama say that she still […]

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A Generation of Women - Groundbreaking Women you may not be aware of - Cecilia Payne

"Payne’s work was undeniably important to our understanding of the Sun and astronomy. However she had to work hard to fight for the recognition she deserved."


Make fear your friend: Listen to what the fear is trying to tell you, not what it’s trying to stop you from doing. When we feel fear it can mean you’re about to do something great, or you need to make a change. Nothing great comes of taking safe steps. Fear can be your motivator!

My Wife - @SarahACourtney #SheInspiresMe Found her passion in coaching 5 years ago, started a small business and has pushed so hard ever since. Now she works with major organisation, supporting their working parents & she loves every minute of it. A role model for our 2 girls. https://t.co/RUCMSQNm1Q genwomenglobal photo

"Use it to learn lessons and improve. Recognize when you are putting others opinions above your own. When thinking about scenarios, try to envision the best case scenarios."