Career Change

Creating your Vision for a Great 2019

Are you happy with where you are in your career? The average person works 92,120 hours over their lifetime.  That’s a lot of hours to spend unhappy isn’t it?!  Even if it’s only 1 year where you’re not loving work, it’s almost 1,800 hours.  What if you could take control […]

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Generation Women Rise and Shine Career Design Panel

The Sky’s the Limit when you Rise and Shine!

An Emotional Evening Two weeks ago I got to bed exhausted, and sobbed uncontrollably. It was some of the most heartfelt crying I can remember. I’m glad to say they were tears of joy, of relief, and probably pride. So what had happened on that day, the 18th of October […]

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sinead sharkey steenson - Supportive to Women

Meet the Generation Women team – Sinead Sharkey-Steenson

Who are you? My name is Sinead Sharkey-Steenson and I’m the founder of Generation Women.  I’m really excited to say that Generation Women is 2 this month and I feel so proud that our business which is supportive to women is thriving 2 years on.  The potential for the future […]

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Woman with laptop hates job - why are women leaving your company

Why are women leaving your company?

“Why are women leaving your company?” is often answered with “Because they are taking a break from work to start a family”.  Those people are wrong.   Yes, some women do take time out from the careers from family life but the primary reason for the draining of female talent from […]

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Meet Generation Women team - David Steenson

Meet the Generation Women team – David Steenson

Who are you? My name is David Steenson. Director and Marketing Manager at Generation Women. I have a background in people management and business reporting. What brought you to join the Generation Women Team? As you might have guessed I’m married to the real brains behind this amazing company, Sinead. […]

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Today is #BlackWomensEqualPayDay. On average, Black women are paid 39% less than white men and 21% less than white women. To learn more about the inequities Black women face and the troubling new data from @LeanInOrg & @SurveyMonkey, click below.

This is my favourite blog I think. This could change your life!
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The more you use your voice, the stronger it will get. Push yourself to speak up more. To be heard. Every time you do it, your confidence will grow. Your presence will increase. genwomenglobal photo

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