Personal Branding - woman with tablet

New to Personal Branding? Here’s What You Need to Know

We are all used to branding – its why we choose our favourite cereal every week rather than try something new.  We trust it, We believe in it’s quality and we have bought in to everything the cereal company is telling us about their product. Our beliefs in the product […]

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Returnships - woman working

3 Positive Impacts of Returnships

The rise of returnships programmes since 2014 is starting to have a positive impact on businesses and the economy.  At the moment we are only scratching the surface of the benefits that they can bring.  Pioneered by investment banks, they are mainly bringing skilled women back into the workforce after […]

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Men Can Be Better Allies To Women

5 Ways Men Can Be Better Allies To Women In The Workplace

By David Steenson When women are challenging their treatment or how they are perceived, getting backing from male colleagues can go a long way to making change happen.  Now I know this isn’t necessarily what some women in particular want to hear. But the stark truth is that ANY […]

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Gender Equality Myths - woman and man shaking hands

10 Gender Equality Myths Debunked

By David Steenson One of the biggest issues those of us (men and women) who are concerned with Gender Equality face is the idea that our fears are “all in our heads”.  From that starting point it’s difficult to engage in any meaningful discussion or debate on the issue. […]

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Public Speaking Resources - Woman speaking in meeting

6 Resources to help with Public Speaking

Even the mere mention of public speaking can bring many people out into a cold sweat.  Recent studies have suggested some of us think it is a fate worse than death.  In essence when I talk about public speaking do not mean standing up and giving a Ted Talk. I […]

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Some great advice for those with daughters

Stop Excluding - How to Foster a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are the cornerstones of successful organisations today. This blog looks at some of the exclusionary mistakes that you may unwittngly be making.

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