Gender Equality Myths - woman and man shaking hands

10 Gender Equality Myths Debunked

By David Steenson One of the biggest issues those of us (men and women) who are concerned with Gender Equality face is the idea that our fears are “all in our heads”.  From that starting point it’s difficult to engage in any meaningful discussion or debate on the issue. […]

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Public Speaking Resources - Woman speaking in meeting

6 Resources to help with Public Speaking

Even the mere mention of public speaking can bring many people out into a cold sweat.  Recent studies have suggested some of us think it is a fate worse than death.  In essence when I talk about public speaking do not mean standing up and giving a Ted Talk. I […]

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Working Woman - Generation Women Blog - difficult work colleague

5 Tips For Handling a Difficult Work Colleague

We spend 1,645 hours at work a year.  If you are having to deal with a difficult work colleague it can feel like twice that amount, and the effect that it can have on your health and well-being can be devastating.  We all have bad days, even bad weeks when […]

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Effective Personal Brand

Why your beliefs matter more than you think

When it comes to our goals in the workplace, we tend to focus on how to do the right thing that will impress our boss, colleagues or wow our clients.  But the truth is in order to create an effective personal brand you need to focus on yourself just as […]

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Coaching Business Dad

Why helping your wife succeed can make you a better man

By David Steenson It’s been a few months since I took the plunge and decided to divide my time between working for my entrepreneur wife with her coaching business and looking after my 2 daughters. It’s mostly glorious. Not without its challenges due to their young age (the children not […]

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"Coming up with your next big idea doesn’t have to feel stressful."

"On Friday, March 29, the world will experience a watershed moment as NASA will celebrate the first all-female spacewalk in history...."

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