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How to Prepare Awesome Answers for Your Job Interview

Clients regularly come to me for job interview tips because they don’t feel confident at interview.  I’ve seen everything from ‘I can’t talk about or sell myself’ to ‘I fall apart and completely lose all brain power’.  Let’s face it, job interviews are not the most natural of scenarios!  When […]

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9 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn

9 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn One of my most popular programmes is my 1:1 personal brand makeover. It’s all about helping you understand what you want from your career and how to put it out there, either to get noticed where you are, or make a complete career […]

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Would Knowing Your Purpose Help You In Your Career?

Would Knowing Your Purpose Help You In Your Career? Are you lacking career confidence? Have you got to the stage in your career where what you’re doing is just not cutting it for you any more? I hear it a lot. You don’t feel fulfilled, you’re not excited or challenged, you’re […]

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Confidence in work - Imposter Syndrome

3 Sure-fire Ways to Tame your Inner Imposter

The more I work with women, the more I encounter Imposter Syndrome. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where you feel like a fraud and that you will be found out at any time.  It’s that feeling that you’re not worthy of your successes, that really you’re just lucky, […]

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Personal development is worth it in the long run. I've seen many clients make an investment in themselves and change things dramatically for themselves.

Any other ideas? Not so sure about these...

A Generation of Women - Groundbreaking Women you may not be aware of - Hatshepsut

Hear the amazing Jean Barrett-Quinn talk about her experience working with Generation Women and the impact of the Rise and Shine Career Design programme.
There are a few places left for Aprils intake. PM me or book in a call to learn more.

Diversity is more than a bit of training...its an ongoing process

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