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5 Tips to Get Yourself in Pole Position for Promotion

This article is not intended for anyone with a sense of entitlement who thinks their company owes them a promotion. I’ve been there. As a young graduate I used to feel I’d done enough that surely my promotion on a plate was ready. At times I perhaps had a point, […]

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How to Prepare Awesome Answers for Your Job Interview

Clients regularly come to me for job interview tips because they don’t feel confident at interview.  I’ve seen everything from ‘I can’t talk about or sell myself’ to ‘I fall apart and completely lose all brain power’.  Let’s face it, job interviews are not the most natural of scenarios!  When […]

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9 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn

9 Ways to Stand Out on LinkedIn One of my most popular programmes is my 1:1 personal brand makeover. It’s all about helping you understand what you want from your career and how to put it out there, either to get noticed where you are, or make a complete career […]

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Would Knowing Your Purpose Help You In Your Career?

Would Knowing Your Purpose Help You In Your Career? Are you lacking career confidence? Have you got to the stage in your career where what you’re doing is just not cutting it for you any more? I hear it a lot. You don’t feel fulfilled, you’re not excited or challenged, you’re […]

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A Generation of Women - Mums!!

Sometimes the most inspirational women are those that are closest to us. The Mums behind Generation Women are truly amazing and we'd like to wish them a Happy Mothers Day and thank them for their love and support.

What has your mum done for you?
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Reset your gr-attitude: take a pause to reflect daily, and you will change your mindset. What made me smile today? What do I have to be grateful for?
What did I do well?
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