Confidence in work - Imposter Syndrome

3 Sure-fire Ways to Tame your Inner Imposter

The more I work with women, the more I encounter Imposter Syndrome. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where you feel like a fraud and that you will be found out at any time.  It’s that feeling that you’re not worthy of your successes, that really you’re just lucky, […]

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Influence at work - Generation Women

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Influence

Big results, Minimal Effort – Increase your Influence at Work I love working with women on their ability to influence at work, it’s such an easy area to make big improvements with very little effort. When we have more influence at work, we get more done, are happier, and more […]

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Check out the Generation Women Blog - 3 Positive Impacts of #Returnships.

What if today’s your day to be brave. To stop holding yourself back. To take one step towards a goal you really want. Your future self will thank you for taking this step. Take a deep breath, and go. Before you overthink it. Be bold!

"Coming up with your next big idea doesn’t have to feel stressful."

"On Friday, March 29, the world will experience a watershed moment as NASA will celebrate the first all-female spacewalk in history...."