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3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Influence

Big results, Minimal Effort – Increase your Influence at Work I love working with women on their ability to influence at work, it’s such an easy area to make big improvements with very little effort. When we have more influence at work, we get more done, are happier, and more […]

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My Journey to Leadership and Career Coach

I felt it was high time to tell you a bit more about my story, and how my role as a career coach and Generation Women came about.  So here we go…Once upon a time there was a young girl… Ambition isn’t a dirty word I’ve always been ambitious.  It […]

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Ace your Interview Questions

Your How to Guide for Acing Your Answers to Interview Questions

Your How to Guide for Acing Your Answers to Interview Questions These days interviews aren’t the theoretical things that they used to be.  The most challenging interview questions used to ask would be things like, ‘what would you do if…?’ That meant you could go and study a management textbook, […]

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"75 percent of people polled think working dads are more committed to their jobs than working moms." A quite disturbing statistic.....

Generation Women Blog - 5 ways to make sure you DON’T get the Job interview


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