Struggling to get your potential recognised?

We all have our career dreams, and I know you have one too. 

It may be fuzzy, or crystal clear, but I bet it involves taking a big step forward into a place where you are in control of your own destiny.  You are happy and fulfilled.  You are being recognised for your worth and you feel valued.  You go home content at the end of the day, knowing you did a great job and you made a difference.  You know you’re where you should be!

The problem is, you’re currently struggling to see clearly what your direction should be never mind break through and be seen for your true potential, and there’s maybe something in you holding you back.  You want to be seen as the name in the box for the next promotion, or to feel “I CAN go for that” when a great job comes up.  You want to be able to confidently hold the attention of the room, influence and persuade easily, so your ideas are taken on board.

Let’s face it, you’re already successful by many measures of success.  But something just isn’t sitting right with you.  There’s a growing feeling inside.  It started out as a quiet whisper, but it’s growing into a persistent nagging voice…

“I don’t want to be sitting here forever”

You’ve been so wrapped up in your own comfort and safety blanket that it’s been easier to stay still and stagnate.  Maybe you’re finally starting to realise it’s time to get out of your own way.  You know that it’s getting to the stage of now or never, and that feels scary.  This quiet stress is gnawing at you daily, but instead of it pushing you to action, it’s feeding your gremlins. 

“If I just get a bit more experience at…THEN I’ll be ready”.

Feeling Stuck?
Struggling to Break Through?
Frustrated because you should be further on?

Gen Women Career Coaching

How would it feel to
take control of your destiny?

What you really long for is to take control of your own destiny, create your own opportunities, and feel confident and powerful in any situation.  You want to go for the jobs you’d really love, knowing that you’re ready, that your strengths and capabilities are more than enough to take you there.  You are desperate to feed that deep hunger for growth and challenge, to feel fulfilled, and show yourself and the world how much you can shine.

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That’s where I come in. I know that I can help you get your career trajectory on the track you want. My Career Transformation Programme is designed just for you.

It’s a 3-month process to nurture, support, and challenge you to success. I will help you get the career clarity you crave so that you can create a roadmap for success.

I will work with you on your personal brand, so that you know exactly what you have and want to offer, and start attracting and creating the right opportunities for you. We will develop your communication and influence, so that you have impact in any situation.  We will work together to create your relationship and network-building strategy to get the connections you need to achieve the goals you want. 

This will all be topped off with your career super-powers which will give you the motivation, the resilience, and the ultimate success strategies to make sure you RISE and SHINE with your own CAREER DESIGN

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"I will always identify the time I met Sinead and signed up to this programme as a life-changing moment for me personally and professionally. I have a choice in how I want my life and career to be and I have the ability to achieve it. I no longer coast through life like I used to and believe I am actively positively impacting the world and those around me.

Sinead is a champion of women and is such a positive and inspiring person to be around. You want to push yourself. Her programme strategy is smart, accessible and personal. I am living the best version of myself."
Jean Barrett-Quinn
Course Participant

Do You Want To ...
Get Career Clarity so you can take control of your destiny?
Tame the gremlins that hold you back?
Have the confidence and skills to step up to the next level?

Why Have I Created This Programme?

There’s a couple of reasons why I created this transformational process:  

Firstly, this is exactly what I needed at certain points in my career. 

I’ve hit some major career funks and cross-roads, and I reached points where I would have gone to the ends of the earth to get the answers

I did lots of training and got qualifications in leadership, NLP, presenting, confidence-building, coaching.  I read every self-help book known to man.  I was coached.  I got mentored. 

There just wasn’t anything that pulled it all together.  It was a very long and winding road that got me to the point where I knew how to create my own opportunities, build a great network, influence, get up and own the room.

My corporate career has been over twenty years, and I’ve worked with and consulted for some of the biggest companies in the world (Bombardier Aerospace, Pepsi, Northern Trust, Associated British Foods, Queen’s University Belfast).

I want to help YOU
get there quickly.

The second reason is…I’ve been in the business of transformation for a long time.  I’ve trained and coached leaders for over 10 years. 

I’ve helped people get promoted, be head hunted, become amazing leaders.

I love it, but ultimately there’s nothing better than seeing a woman shine with all the confidence and potential that you know she has, and others have only glimpsed.

Generation Women - Family

My life has become focused on helping women achieve, whether it’s as the Leader of the Women’s Equality Party in NI, developing leadership programmes for Lean In, or transforming women’s careers through Generation Women.  My main aim with my clients is that you walk away with knowledge and skills that will serve you for life…and the self-belief that means you’ll flourish no matter what path you decide to create for yourself. 

I want you to RISE and SHINE
as the lead in your life.

So What Do You Get When You Work With Me?

To start with, you’ll get the best cheerleader you’ve ever known!  I will be right behind you all the way.  I have unending levels of enthusiasm for you and what you want to achieve, and will help you develop your own!

We will work together online for 3 months … this is a transformation, and for that we need to commit to work together for that long to get the big results.  

You will join a sisterhood: a small group of global like-minded women, all committed to working on themselves and supporting each other. 

This is an on-line programme, so can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.  We hang-out together, like the best conference call ever!  No make up needed, or fancy outfits…you could even enjoy a glass of wine while we work…just the one mind!

Below you’ll find all the key elements that combine to make this a life-changing experience for you and your career!

Personal Branding Coaching - Generation Women
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"I can honestly say that without Sinead as my coach, I don't think I would be as confident in my ability to make the right choices or as content in my work and home life.
I am so grateful for everything I have learnt from the experience and I cannot say enough positive things about Sinead. I highly recommend Sinead as your coach."
Rachel Canders-Pattison
Course Participant

This Is How We Do It



Each week you will have short training videos and workbooks to complete.  They cover all the skills you need to breakthrough and build a career you love.

We will cover the strategies I have been using with clients for years to get great results.  These are the top techniques that are proven to work. Everything is uber practical and responsive to your needs.

This gives you have a top class toolkit to give you the skills to take your career to the next level and beyond.  AND any time it’s updated, you get the newest version – for LIFE!

Group Coaching

We will have a weekly live coaching workshop on the key topic. This is where you apply what you’re learning to your career situation. Here you’ll get lots of support, motivation, practice, and feedback.

This is where we move to action and make sure you get the most from the material.

Coaching is your best route to making your career work for you.  I will coach you and the group so that you leave each session with a strategy to put your skills into action and get you where you want to be, with confidence!

Private Facebook Group

This is your sisterhood of support throughout (and after) the programme. Here you can ask questions, ask for support, use us to bounce ideas and whatever else you might need. We also want to hear all about your successes so we can celebrate them with you.  As well as the daily support, I run a weekly Career Clinic to answer your challenges and help you get it right.

I love the real-time support you get as part of a group. This helps you build your career sisterhood for life. And of course, I’m on hand to give extra support and advice!

Strategy Workbooks

Every session has an accompanying workbook. This gives you the process, exercises, and is where you capture your thoughts, learning, and examples.

Your workbooks give you extra support with the material outside of the training and coaching sessions.

If you’re anything like me, you might not be the best at keeping good notes.  This is my way of giving you everything you need so you don’t need to worry, just get down to business.

Here Is What We Will Be Working On




Get clarity on your direction with a simple process that will get you clear on your new career STORY so that you can Design your Career Roadmap to Success.

A 1:1 session to design your career and set your goals  – so we can focus on the results you want!




Own your strengths and know your value, so you communicate clearly who you are and what you want! Use your Personal Brand to attract and create the opportunities you need.

You need to communicate who you are and what you want clearly, so that you can build the career you’re dreaming of.



With Ease

Hone your influencing and communication skills so that your ideas are adopted and you become a key player in strategic decisions. Be the Influencer!

Find ways to end the struggle to be heard, so that you can influence and lead with ease.




Build great relationships and support – from finding the right mentor, to making the best connections. Take the ick out of networking!

Build your relationships and your network so that you have the support and the people you need around you to succeed.




Learn how to market yourself at interview, in meetings, through your CV, and online!  It’s no good having all these amazing skills if you don’t know how to confidently sell them where it counts!

Express yourself with ease so that you always make the right impact!





Build super confidence in yourself, and understand how to authentically build your profile so that you can position yourself for the jobs you really want.

Build your Career Super Powers so that you excel and STAND OUT in all the right ways!

The Rise and Shine Career Design Programme is right for you if you’re...

  • Ready to stop putting your life on hold and just go for what you really want

  • Willing to invest in your success

  • Done with putting yourself last and want to come first in the queue for a change

  • Committed to making changes, which means you’re open to being pushed outside of your comfort zone

  • Looking for someone to be as invested in your career success as you are

  • Love working with other women and you are supportive

  • And up for creating new habits and behaviours that will set you up for life!

"I am now much clearer on a career transition path, pivoting from a Geographic background to a social and digital marketing career. I have a career journey mapped out for me with realistic timescales and milestones to mark my progress along the way. Without this I would be truly in career wilderness lacking focus and probably very disillusioned, now, however I am starting in a new direction with confidence and excitement, not bad at nearly 40.
Gayle Alexander-Smyth
Course Participant
Generation Women - Writing Woman

So, just tell me how much it costs already!

I know with us women this can be tricky.  We’re not big on investing in ourselves, well not in this way.  So there’s a couple of things I want to say before we get to the price.

This programme is unique:

–   It is a blend of training and coaching – so you don’t just get the knowledge and skills you need, but you get a massive amount of support to apply it to YOUR situation.

–  It is based on getting results – the training is based on the leadership programmes I’ve developed and delivered across global organisations. The coaching is based on the results my 1:1 clients have achieved. They all walk away with the fire of self-belief and confidence burning brightly, and keeps shining long after we finish working together.

–  Then there’s your mindset.  What will it take for you to decide you are worth the investment?  

– How you feel, your wellbeing and sense of self, is way more valuable an asset to your success and happiness than anything else.

It’s time to put your time and effort into something that will work for you, and get you the results you crave.   I prefer to work with women who invest in themselves, because it show true commitment in their progress.

 In the words of Jean from the last group “Do it. Invest in yourself. The decision alone to invest in yourself is powerful in the first instance.”

If you always do what you’ve always done
you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

The cost for this opportunity is £450 per month, if you want to pay up-front it will be £1195 in total.  You get to shape it to suit you.

It’s the difference between buying a cut-price outfit and a bespoke-tailored dress.  I will take your input before each session to understand your needs.  From that, I will form the session to deliver the perfect fit for you.

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Need a bit more help to decide if
this is right for you?

You might still be sitting on the fence, and that’s ok, I understand.  It’s a big decision, you have got to the point of wanting to take real action, and you want to know this is the right action for you.  One thing I love is to have a good chat, so feel free to book a discovery call with me to make sure this is exactly the right fit for you.  We both need to be 100% happy that we can work together to get the best possible results for you.  I will be up front with you if I don’t think this is the best solution for you.

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What if I miss a session?

All sessions will be recorded, so that you can either listen again at your convenience, or pick up a session in your own time if you can’t make it live.  You will have the Facebook group to ask any questions and get the extra support you need to keep up,  Plus the workbooks will walk you through the process and strategies we use.

I’m not sure I can commit the time?

This is your opportunity to make a huge difference to your career, it’s also your responsibility to make the time to do it.  You can continue as you are, but will that mean you are in the same place in five year’s time?  There’s never going to be a better time to make a change than right now.

How can I afford it?

We manage to find money for clothes, hair do’s, and all the rest of the things that can temporarily make us feel good.  This is your opportunity to invest in a lasting result.  Your success!

How much of a time commitment is it?

There will be a 90 minute session per week, plus a little bit of effort on your part to put it into practise!  We don’t get results without effort though 🙂

How does the online bit work?

We will use an online tool that lets us hangout together – so it’s totally interactive.  I can share my screen so you can see the training.  I will lead the sessions, you can ask questions, see each other, and interact as a group…all from the comfort of your own home.

Can I get my Employer to pay?

Of course, and I’m happy to help you with a business case.  What I will say is that when you do this for yourself, it removes any 3rd agenda that your employer may have.  Nobody else can influence the direction, or outcomes, it is all about YOU!  Also, when you invest in yourself your level of commitment is even higher to get the best possible outcomes for you.

So if you’re ready to glide up the Career ladder, join our happy group and RISE and SHINE with Career Success!!