Woman with laptop hates job - why are women leaving your company

Why are women leaving your company?

“Why are women leaving your company?” is often answered with “Because they are taking a break from work to start a family”.  Those people are wrong.   Yes, some women do take time out from the careers from family life but the primary reason for the draining of female talent from organisations lies with companies themselves.  […]

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Career Visibility

Being Schooled on Presenting:  How Becoming a Skilled Presenter can make your Career

Inspiration On Wednesday night, I was fortunate enough to be asked to judge a public speaking competition for the Belfast branch of Soroptimist International. Wow.  Talk about inspirational.  Each talk was convincing, well-researched, and impactfully delivered. Powerful Imagery Kristen opened the talks with a powerful speech that was rich in imagery, thought-provoking, and delivered with […]

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Improve promotion prospects

From Cinderella to Career Success: 7 Ways to Stand out at Work

Have you ever felt like your career has stalled?  Or it’s chugging up the hill so slowly that you can barely feel it move? Do you ever ask yourself “What can I do to improve promotion prospects?” I often hear women saying ‘I should be further than this by now’.  I remember starting my first […]

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Career Super Powers

9 Simple Strategies to Develop The Ultimate Career Super Power: A Growth Mindset

Are you a Perfectionist? Who here is a perfectionist? Who would like to have Career Super Powers? Have you ever not done something for fear you’ll be no good at it? I can certainly hold my hand up to this!  I won’t go bowling…I’m pretty sure I would hate it anyway (lol), but my initial […]

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