Sexual Harassment at Work

What should you do if you experience sexual harassment at work?

Guest Blogger – Jamie Costello In a work environment, you should feel supported and confident to be able to complete your work and excel with your career ambitions. Unfortunately, there can be instances in the workplace where unpleasant behaviour such as sexual harassment can take place. If you happen to experience it, it can have […]

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Diversity and inclusion

Stop Excluding – How to Foster a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is a hot news topic and under the microscope for many organisations.  As with any of these things, it can become a case of ticking boxes rather than looking at what really needs to change – and that’s the culture of an organisation…and society! We all have a moral duty to create […]

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Woman with laptop hates job - why are women leaving your company

Why are women leaving your company?

“Why are women leaving your company?” is often answered with “Because they are taking a break from work to start a family”.  Those people are wrong.   Yes, some women do take time out from the careers from family life but the primary reason for the draining of female talent from organisations lies with companies themselves.  […]

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Men Can Be Better Allies To Women

5 Ways Men Can Be Better Allies To Women In The Workplace

By David Steenson When women are challenging their treatment or how they are perceived, getting backing from male colleagues can go a long way to making change happen.  Now I know this isn’t necessarily what some women in particular want to hear. But the stark truth is that ANY change is easier to implement […]

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Gender Equality Myths - woman and man shaking hands

10 Gender Equality Myths Debunked

By David Steenson One of the biggest issues those of us (men and women) who are concerned with Gender Equality face is the idea that our fears are “all in our heads”.  From that starting point it’s difficult to engage in any meaningful discussion or debate on the issue. Many of those who dismiss […]

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Coaching Business Dad

Why helping your wife succeed can make you a better man

By David Steenson It’s been a few months since I took the plunge and decided to divide my time between working for my entrepreneur wife with her coaching business and looking after my 2 daughters. It’s mostly glorious. Not without its challenges due to their young age (the children not my wife!). But it stands […]

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