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You’re no doubt here because there’s a job you REALLY want. What would it be like to feel confident about going for a big interview?  Maybe even excited about the opportunity to sell yourself.  Think that couldn’t possibly be you?  Think again.

Are you hanging back even on applying, because you’re just not sure you’re ready, or good enough?  Well let’s sort one thing out.  You have to apply – there’s no way in hell you’re getting the job if you don’t!  A man will with as little as 40% of the criteria, most women will hold off unless they feel they have 100%.  Deep down you know you can do this, you ’re just experiencing a bit of imposter syndrome – and if what you’re feeling has an official name, that tells you you’re not alone.

I understand, I’ve had a couple of terrible experiences with interviews.  One particular one, where I completely froze, and then spent the rest of it feeling like someone had replaced my brain with cotton wool.  That incident threatened to scar me for life.  But being an ambitious soul, I wasn’t going to let that hold me back.  I’ve spent years crafting a process that will help anyone feel the self-assurance they need to go for it and even enjoy interviews.

Designing challenging recruitment processes and sitting in the interviewers seat, definitely gave me a lot of insight into what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve experienced with group assessments, technical assessments, presentations, case studies, role plays, and of course competency-based (or behavioural) interviews.  I know what the recruiters are looking for, what they want to hear, and I know how to get you into the right place to deliver just that.

But right now, you're feeling stuck.
Is this where you are at?

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Should I apply, I probably won’t even get an interview?
I will show you how to make the most of your CV or application form to maximise your chance of getting in front of that panel so you can blow their socks off.

I’ve had a bad interview experience before which has scarred me, so all I do is get really nervous and doubt myself.

I can help you blast away those memories and rebuild your self-belief so that you feel excited to go in and share why you are the person they’re looking for.

It’s been a long time since may last interview, I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

This is so common.  You’ve been in a company or position for a long time and realise it’s time to change.  Part of what kept you there was the fear of doing an interview.  Fear no more, the process we go through will get you past those feelings in no time, and focusing on how awesome you will be as the next [insert your dream job here]

It’s too big a step up from where I’m at right now, so I’ll just make a fool of myself.

You’re maybe asking yourself who you think you are, even thinking you can go for this.  I’ll tell you who!  You’re a great candidate that they’d be lucky to have.  I’ve helped women get jobs earmarked for their bosses, even when they’ve been told it’s not for them, so I’m certain you got this.

This is a complete career change and I’ve no idea how show
my experience fits this new role.

I’m an expert at helping you to reframe your experience to demonstrate that you are a great fit for this new challenge, in fact your different experience will add a whole new dimension to the position, so they’d be foolish to pass you up.

So, imagine feeling totally ready for the interview.  

You walk into the room with confidence, give the performance of your life, and walk out knowing you’ve impressed the panel.  You’ve smashed it out of the park.  You answered each question intelligently and eloquently, you had the panel eating out of your hand…they nodded, smiled, and could barely keep up with noting down the gold you’re delivering. 

Then you get the phone call you secretly know is coming…you got it!  The recruiter gushes about how much you wowed them.  You pop the Champagne and enjoy a well-earned celebration.  It’s the start of a whole new chapter for you, in the job of your dreams.  This is a story I’ve heard time and time again from my clients.  The next one could be you.

Gen Women Interview Coaching

This isn’t just interview coaching like you may have heard of before, this is a complete process that will give you exactly what you need to apply, prepare for, and perform with confidence.  And guess what, a lot of people even find it fun!


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I give you guidance on how to complete a successful application or prepare your CV, so that you have the best possible shot at landing an interview AND put yourself at the top of the running list.  This is your chance to make a great first impression on the panel.  I give you feedback so that your application is the one they’re talking about before you even get to interview.


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I share my unique preparation process with you.  A fun and memorable way of gathering all the information you need to feel cool, calm and collected.  Using my workbook, videos, and a 1:1 call that will teach you how to:

– Define your career story and identify examples ready for all eventualities

– Structure your answers to give them exactly what they’re looking for

– My original approach to help you be fully prepared to excel


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I coach you on your interview performance by running practise questions and help you to shape your answers so that they are clear, concise, and deliver the right impact.  You also get lots of feedback on your language and presence, so that everything you do is having the desired effect on your audience.  Experience has shown me that women have a tendency to play down what they have achieved, their role in successes through the language they use, their body language, and often an overall lack of confidence.  I will work with you to ensure you can sell yourself confidently.


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I share with you my proven strategies to maximise confidence.  I have helped women overcome serious nerves, bad interview experiences, and no matter where you are on the confidence scale, I will help you amplify yourself so that you make the right impression. You will walk into that interview knowing that you will be your best.

You also receive a workbook that walks you through the process step-by-step to collate everything you need.  Plus supporting videos to watch as many times as you need to give you all the tools you need.  A 30 minute 1:1 call to make sure you’re clear with how to prepare  And 2* 1.5 hour 1:1 coaching sessions where we work on your performance so that you’re ready to get that job! 

Over the years I’ve coached people from all different backgrounds and industries, at all different levels, and from the terrified to the fairly confident – this process has shown time and time again, it gets results!  It has helped women take huge steps up in their careers to levels they weren’t sure they could achieve.  They’ve done it, and so can you!

When you have a process like this, it makes everything a lot simpler.  Your brain enjoys the proactivity and structure to the preparation, and your confidence will soar with the feedback, practise and techniques I’ll share with you.

The cost for this opportunity is £495.  

If you’re ready to get the job, click on the button below and book in for your initial preparation session.

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"I was introduced to Sinead by a friend and decided that I'd love to get some one-to-one help from her. I'd had a difficult experience at work and it had really affected my confidence. I was looking for a new role so I got in touch with Sinead to see abut getting some extra help with interview prep, etc. It's honestly the best thing I've ever invested in for my career!

We looked at confidence-building techniques, ran through interview scenarios/questions and explored some of the reasons I felt were holding me back from getting that perfect role and being more confident. I came away from each session feeling a lot more positive and was starting to see that I really could achieve my career (and other) goals. I had an interview coming up with a company I'd always wanted to work for and with Sinead's help I felt a lot more confident and came out feeling I'd done everything I could.

A few days later, despite having been told there would be a second interview, I was offered the job without the need to go to a second stage. I was absolutely delighted and now, several weeks into my new role it's been a really great move. I'm so thankful to Sinead for all her help and ongoing support- our sessions were really productive, challenging but also good fun! Sinead is extremely supportive and she really helped me believe in myself again- something Id been struggling with for a long time. I honestly couldn't recommend Sinead and Generation Women enough!"

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Maire Cahill
“A colleague recommended Sinead at Generation Women when I was applying for a promotion at work. Promotions in the higher education sector are scarce and highly competitive so I knew I needed help to give me the edge come interview time. From the first session with Sinead I felt a massive increase in my confidence, she made everything seem less daunting and gave me the skills I needed to control my nerves in an interview situation.

Three sessions later, I was ready to tackle anything and went into my interview feeling confident and prepared. Sinead checked in regularly between our sessions and was always available to give advice and support. I’m so happy I met Sinead and will be back for more coaching in the future. Oh, and I got the job.”

Interview Coaching
Maria Prince
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