Improve promotion prospects

From Cinderella to Career Success: 7 Ways to Stand out at Work

Have you ever felt like your career has stalled?  Or it’s chugging up the hill so slowly that you can barely feel it move? Do you ever ask yourself “What can I do to improve promotion prospects?” I often hear women saying ‘I should be further than this by now’.  I remember starting my first […]

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Career Super Powers

9 Simple Strategies to Develop The Ultimate Career Super Power: A Growth Mindset

Are you a Perfectionist? Who here is a perfectionist? Who would like to have Career Super Powers? Have you ever not done something for fear you’ll be no good at it? I can certainly hold my hand up to this!  I won’t go bowling…I’m pretty sure I would hate it anyway (lol), but my initial […]

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Getting the Getting the job - happy woman

Looking for your Next Big Job? Focus on Marginal Gains

How to give a recruiter exactly what they’re looking for…Use their language! What Does Cycling Have to do with Getting the Job? One of the most successful sporting teams of the last few decades, is undoubtedly the British Cycling Team.  With their plethora of medals across the board at every major cycling event, they are […]

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